Design a Career with Purpose FAQ

I'm attending the day, what should I bring?

We’ll supply you with light breakfast, healthy lunch, and snacks and beverages throughout the day. You'll also receive our customized Remarkable Women Leaders curriculum materials.

Bring your favorite writing utensils and a willingness to learn and meet a wide variety of amazing women. You can also bring business cards to share.

Where is the event located?

The Montage
8580 Allison Pointe Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Who will be there?

Women leaders across multiple industries and in various stages of their careers across the mid-west who share a passion for growing their own careers and supporting other women in meaningful ways. More specifically, this is a multigenerational leadership program, spanning age and experience levels. It will be a group of 100 women or less, enabling you to make meaningful connections.

Are there discounts for groups?

Yes! We offer discounts on groups of two or more. This can save you up to $100 per person. Click here to learn more.

What does the day cover?

You’ll learn how to use the Design Thinking process to find innovative ways to approach designing your life on purpose. Specifically, you’ll come away with:

  • How to use design thinking to create solutions and not just solve problems
  • Time for self-reflection and action-plan building on enhancing your professional skills
  • Opportunity to form cross-generational / cross industry relationships – at the workshop and potentially long afterward
  • The chance to learn from other women leaders through structured exercises, mastermind sessions, informal conversations and follow up opportunities

 What will we be doing?

You’ll have a chance to connect with other remarkable women leaders in a variety of ways including small group sessions, mastermind time and large group discussions. You’ll be able to refocus and plan your next steps in creating an approach to a leadership challenge you face and you’ll be able to learn more about your leadership and innovation via interactive learning sessions. And we believe that you’ll be inspired – and inspire others by sharing and learning together with other successful women leaders.

What is the agenda?

In the past, our agendas have looked like:

8:30        Doors Open: Check In & Get Your Name Tag

9:00        Connect: Setting the Stage for an Exceptional Experience

9:45        Innovate: Design Thinking Workshop

12:00      Lunch

1:00        Magic Moments | Inspire | Creative Tension

3:00       Heart vs SMART goals | Magic Moments

4:00        Closing & Reception

Check back in for the official agenda closer to the event.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably and casually.

Dietary Needs

Let us know about any special dietary or other needs in advance so that we can make this experience a great one for you.

Should I ask my employer to pay?

Yes! This is a bona fide professional development experience that will empower you at work and enable you to share what you learned with colleagues and direct reports. You will receive a certificate at the end of the retreat that you can show your employer.

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