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From early childhood, Danielle Wolter Nolan always had a passion for trying  something for the first time, and being in the great outdoors. She realized that people were getting more attached to technology, and were less likely to go outside and try new experiences. This led to her and her wife founding outdoor adventure company, DNK Presents.
DNK Presents organizes and guides empowering adventure retreats for individuals, groups, and businesses. Danielle was a Division I collegiate athlete and coach, she is a certified yoga instructor, thai massage therapist, and reiki master. She currently volunteers her time to serve on the advisory board for The Startup Ladies, and The Next Era in Innovation: A Global Healthcare and Life Sciences conference. She is blessed to share her passion for the great outdoors while helping people find themselves in nature, and gain confidence and empowerment through adventures and experiential learning.
DNK Presents:
DNK Presents organizes and guides empowering adventure retreats for individuals, groups, and businesses for team building, health and wellness, and employee engagement programs. They focus on getting people to step outside their comfort zones, try something for the first time, and in turn gain confidence and empowerment through adventures, and experiential learning. They particularly enjoy working with women's groups on leadership development and empowerment activities. 


Elevate Online

Elevate Online is a digital agency that helps small to medium sized businesses thrive in the online world.

Founded by Katie Workman, Elevate offers a variety of marketing and promotional services, such as:

- Social Media Plans & Implementation
- Online Advertising Plans & Implementation
- Web Design & Content Creation
- Branding
- Event Promotion
- Email Services

Want to learn more? Email Katie at New to the Indy area, she is always happy to meet for coffee and discuss your business journey!

Katie is a Boilermaker alumna and avid traveller and hiker. Born in Logansport, IN and now a Carmel resident, she both enjoys her Midwest roots and exploring the world beyond. When she isn’t reading the latest marketing books, you can find her trying out different fitness experiences in the Indy area.

Want to know what Katie's clients think about her? Here's a testimonial from Evergreen Leadership Founder, Kris Taylor.

"Katie was an exceptional student of mine in a capstone course at Purdue. She is an even better communication professional. Katie has been a part of my team since May - and in that time she has consistently demonstrated top notch skills in communications, graphic design and marketing strategies. She is a strategic thinker and at the same time consistently delivers on the tactics. Katie is a rare bird - who can both design and write, who can strategize and execute, and who works hard but makes it seem easy."

To learn more about Elevate Online visit